i havent written crap on this shit in forever... but my birthday was the 16th and it was awesome i banked i got a apple laptop and a video ipod... its a mac the laptop that is... if ne body missed me i missed you tooo!
xoxxo lots of love alex
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look at her walk,
she walks like she's the one,
the only one,
she sees strait threw me,
that's ok cause she's a cutie,
she knows im there,
there to care,
no matter how hard it seems to be,

she's so cute,
she's cute in the morinin,
she's cute when she's horny,
no matter how hard she denies it,
she knows, she knows,

she is the one, the only one,
she makes me chain smoke
but that's alright,
she sees right threw me,
she knows whats there to see in me,

but i still think she's tricked,
tricked by the fawsaud,
only she will know how i feel,
my feelings are real,
i know i dont deserve her,
nobody really does to me,

she is such a cutie,
she knows what she's doing,
she cares but she doesn't at all,
will she ever get to see, the real me,
she will remain in my heart for eternity,

i will hold her there, and care,
maybe i will die soon,
if so wherever i go she will be there,
if not in life,
she will be deep down inside me

she walks and she talks as if noones there,
just look right infront of you,
and look its me,
why do you hurt me if you care,
for some reason i love her hair,

i can't find a bad thing about her,
this should be done,
thanks for everything,
i deserved it,

she is so cute to me,
she sees strait threw me,
like glass,
she is so cute to me,
to me,

this is a song from a long while ago ne body wanna help me out on it... make it better comments im all for them... she's finally talking to me too...
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happy holidays

hey guys happy new year and hope you had a great holiday! Im back at school which sucks been hangin out with all my collage friends and they dont have to go back yet so it sucks even more... but i hope yall had a great break and got to do somthing exciting and fun.. i saw one of my friends get arrested that sucked for her my first kiss of the year was peachy... hahaha 06' crazy... \

love yall~xelA
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05' seniors

hey guys its first week of school........quite boring... but yeah know, im back in band it rocks, umm sometimes! well i just thought id say hello talk to you very soon and i miss my 05' seniors... i love you all... have fun in collage ok
xoxo lots of love xela
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so i havent updated in forever... im back in band were doing treasure island... which rocks... the form.. at the begg. i dont like at all... it is block for the whole band except drumline, cymbals, and some guard... for a while... but so far its been great, trey rocks.. but gets to me sometimes.. as long as its not lindsey! Ive decided that i wont have a love life for a long while.. atleast thats what i think.. ever since.. something.. i think ive got a cold heart and cant love ne body! when i was doing something in band i saw that nicci was coming back to guard and freaked out... but we talked and she said she isnt starting to hate me ne more because im not all over her brother ne more! which i think is awesome... and i saw greg and told him hi, and he asked me how i was. which was nice. so now im just at home finally.. have band alot next week. but thats ok it will keep me busy!
well not much more to say except
lots of love, xoxo, xela

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~*~Result nr 10~*~

Your power is: Time Control

Explanation: You have the ability to
freeze, push forward or go back in time. In
good purposes it is used to prevent bad deeds,
and the opposite for evil purposes.
As a person your emotional level has been on
hold. For one reason or another emotions has
reduced and now you aren't so full of life. And
of course, this does not sadden you since you
could care less. Sometimes though you can be
hit by emotioal waves inside but you block it
all out. You don't search for something that
could make you happy since you have no hope in
that area any longer. People probably see you
as annoying because you're not involved and
just stand there. You probably don't have that
many friends either, and you feel like you are
with them because that's what you normally do.
You stick to your habits and don't appreciate
Negative aspects: One day all emotions
are gonna surface again, and that day will be
very painful. Instead it is more wise to start
up the emotional level bit by bit, so it won't
come as a big chock.

What Power is Compatible With You?
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hey guys whats up,
you know what i hate when here shit that people say but from someone why cant everyone just suck it up or get some balls, because it kinda confuses me because people could be lieing.
untill i here the truth from the person i will be nutrial... no fun stuff for me
blake your songs are the shit i want the first cd with your signature
sorry for the feelings i crused brandon i know you dont care ne more, but i did think i loved you at one point... i did care for you more than ne one else besides Brittany Gunnels... but i knew her longer than you and i have been through more shit with her than you...please dont start it again though i dont want to deal with it and you can mend and break your friendships with out me... but for now i dont care blame it on me.
i will always be here no matter what, you can leave, but i wont,
worrying is no fun, but like everyone says you always need to worry
so i was looking in my old posts, and i liked this one so i decided to make it new,
well love you guys, alex
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(no subject)

hey everyone, happy fathers day, hope everyone is having fun, my dad is just being a lazy bum... but we went to mulligans, and i made him my choclatey choclate cake, which he didnt eat, but o well, he didnt get home untill noon... he freaked me out last night i came home from kyles house around one and he wasnt home and i woke up and he still wasnt home this morning, he decided to go clubbing and spin the night with this girl he has been dating kinda. but she isn't single, well thats my fathers day, hope everyone is having a good summer too.
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